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Crispy Veg & Fruit Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Our vision is to be:

    “An innovative food processing company upgrading local commodities to global market”

by using an appropriate technology to process our healthy-green foods for customers with fair trade to all stakeholders in supply chainOur initial products are based on Longan fruit because our strong intention to solve small puzzle of typical Longan overproduction problem due to its highly concentrate supply during short harvesting season. Our facility is located just outskirt of Chiang Mai where the Longan production is claimed the best area due to climate and soil characteristic.

Until the end of 2010, our food processing factory was finished. We are proud to be partnership of National Innovation Agency (NIA) who initiated and partially funded our facilities. The new facility is modern and well-equipped with a unique dryer to process premium products. The facilities were designed conforming the Hygienic Design Concept under cost-effective budget.  By applying lean technology, we are able to manage the production with minimal loss of materials but yet fully utilize workforce in full capacity.  Not only we are supported by NIA, our business was also support by Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) who play an important role to assist the new SMEs in food export business.


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Awarded Entrepreneur

After hard working, our effort reflects the success. Crispy Veg and Fruit is selected as one of 32 SMEs from total of 1032 candidates to receive 5th SMEs National Awards. This award is a selection of small and medium entrepreneurs whose business operation owes the effective administration and transparent. With a philosophy that “good business efficiency will reflect good business outcome”, the awarding evaluation is based on Thailand Quality Award (TQA) system which is recognized worldwide.